Out with the old, in with the new.

As we all know, technology changes quickly. Some of the core technologies we have chosen in the past have had major updates which required us to re-work a lot of our core systems to take advantage of performance improvements.

You will see in RT4 that there are multiple versions of the application. That is because we have broken the application into multiple pieces of functionality. This will allow us to scale easier going forward as we continue to grow our team.

RoasTime app versions list

These versions are important for debugging purposes and auto-update frequently as they are the main portions of the application. The “main” application will not update frequently. You will receive an in-application notification when an update has been made.


Since we had to re-work so much, we took this time to make RoasTime multi-lingual. You can choose languages we are working on support for in the config.

Note: Many languages are still missing some translations, but we are working on getting them fully translated.

New Datastore and Sync Service

Due to a RoastWorld update, we also had to migrate our data store. The syncing service is completely re-hauled to support our new backend and connection with RW. There are a lot of stability improvements made here.

UI and Renderer Improvements

The UI improvements are subtle, but they are backed by a LARGE re-write of our renderer. Due to our new framework, we are able to release new features quicker.

Recipes Changes

One of the largest complaints about recipes is that there was no support for triggers without a time. We have made this possible in RT4.

RoasTime app 'create recipe' screenshot

Note that it is still possible to use a time by checking the “Advanced Settings” box on the recipe editor.

Performance and General UI

We have moved pieces of RT4 into native languages to squeeze out better performance from our application. We will continue this trend going forward.

Along with performance improvements, we have made multiple UI adjustments based on user feedback. We will not go into too much detail, but you will notice many changes/improvements through the application such as better notifications.

There are still some outstanding issues we are working on and not everything is implemented, but the early testers have been using it for a bit over a month and some are exclusively roasting on it now. Don’t feel you must update, but we want to give you the opportunity to give us early feedback and be a voice in the direction of RT4.

Thanks and happy roasting!